Electrographitic brush H12 5x8x15 P, set

  • Brand: ZTV
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Main specifications
All specifications
Material: H12
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: К1-2
Сonstruction by IEC 60276: CL05A
IEC 60276 tip shape: P
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: No

    Electrographite brush H12 5x8x15 P for jigsaw, drill, screwdriver.   

    Brush 5x8x15 P is used:

  • for the R10E HD threading machine;
  • for jigsaw ТН60, ТР60Е;
  • for the drill BUR 150E, BUR2 162;
  • for the BVR62E, BVR64E HD Sparky screwdriver.


    Number: brush 154138, brush 154137.

    *If you do not find what you need, do not worry! EURO-CONTRACT LLC accepts orders for the manufacture of any brushes for your electric machines. Minimum batch of 10 pieces, production time 2-4 weeks.

Main characteristics
Material H12
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 К1-2
Сonstruction by IEC 60276 CL05A
IEC 60276 tip shape P
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 No
Additional characteristics
Rockwell hardness, 10⁷ Nm² 10-40
Specific electric resistance, 10¯⁶ Ωm 80
Current density, 10⁴ A/m² 8
Circum velocity, m/s 45
Brush pressure on collector, 10³ N/m² 40
Transitional voltage drop on a pair of brushes, V 2.5-3.5
Max. friction factor, μ 0.15
Brand ZTV
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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