Thyristor converters КЕМЕК

Thyristor converters КЕМЕК

    The KEMEK thyristor converter is included in the complete KEMEK electric drive manufactured in Bulgaria and is designed for industrial robots with sequential work of coordinates.
The history of the production of a drive of the KEMEK type in the variant of their use in feed drives of CNC machine tools began in 1987.   

    The KEMEK drive kit includes:

  •     six-pulse reversible thyristor converter KEMEK 2REV16, 3REV16, 5REV16, 4REM16, 6REM16, 8REM16;
  •     high-torque electric motor, for example 1PI;
  •     power transformer Т1ЕВ, included according to the star-zigzag scheme;
  •     commutator for switching coordinates.   

    The technical characteristics of the drive fully meet the requirements of consumers, the speed control range is 1:10000, the total error at the minimum frequency does not exceed 4%.
The design of the KEMEK converter is modular, maximally unified with the widespread series of KEMPOH-type electric drives.   

    The converter is designed for vertical installation in a control station.

    The control unit contains four boards:

  •     power board KEMEK;
  •     KEMEK phase control board;
  •     logic board KEMEK;
  •     KEMEK regulators board.

    The "Power" board is fixed motionlessly above the thyristor unit, and the rest are installed in front of it on the apparatus, which ensures rotation of each of them around a fixed axis.
Description of KEMEK converter operation   

    The KEMEK converter is made according to a three-phase reversible bridge rectification circuit. Classical regulation with PI speed and current controllers is used. Control - separate, without equalizing currents. The non-linear current limiting ensures that the maximum permissible armature current is limited as a function of the speed. Adaptive control of the gain and the time constant of integration into the speed function is provided. SPFU is made according to the vertical principle with the ability to adjust the initial armature current. A large number of electronic protections and alarms ensures ease of use and quick elimination of possible malfunctions.