Thyristor converters КЕМРОН

Thyristor converters КЕМРОН

    Thyristor six-pulse single-axis transducer KEMPOH is designed for the electric drive of high-torque DC motors for the feed motion of CNC machine tools.   

    The KEMPOH electric drive kit includes the following main components:

  •     one-coordinate six-pulse transducer - 1 pc .;
  •     power transformer - 1 pc .;
  •     equalizing throttles - 2 pcs .;    
  •     engine - 1 pc .;   

    Structurally, the KEMPOH thyristor converter is a single-axis module with a block structure, which provides quick replacement of blocks and free access to all control points and elements.   

    The control unit includes four boards:

  •     board food;
  •     phase control board;
  •     logic board;
  •     fee regulators.   

    The thyristor unit consists of two controlled rectifiers, executed on a six-pulse circuit with a midpoint. The type of thyristors used are T10-40 for 4AEB16 and T10-80 for 8AEB16.   

    Variants of the KEMROH thyristor converter:

  •     KEMPOH 4AEB16, 601023000;
  •     KEMPOH 4AEB16G, 601023003;
  •     KEMPOH 4AEB16K, 601023002;
  •     KEMPOH 8AEB16M, 601030000;
  •     KEMPOH 8AEB16, 601025000.