Thyristor converters TC2000REV

Thyristor converters TC2000REV

    Thyristor converters ТС2000REV Bulgaria.

    Regulated thyristor converter ТС2000REV is part of a complete DC electric drive for automation of production processes in various areas of industry and agriculture.

    The TC2000REV converter functionally replaces the KEMTOP and KEMPOC thyristor converters.

    The principle of operation of the ТС2000REV converter - the converter uses a two-circuit automatic control system. The double-loop control circuit provides good dynamic qualities and stable operation of the electric drive. The inner loop controls the armature current, while the outer loop controls the speed reference accurately. Both loops use proportional-integral controllers, resulting in fast dynamic response and minimal static drive error.

    The electric drive is connected to the supply network through a three-phase choke (PK-0525, PK -0548, PK -05410, PK -02510, PK -02612, PK -02715, PK -021020, PK -021320, PK -021632, PK -022550), which protects the network from the switching currents of the converter and limits the rate of rise of the armature current.

    The armature winding is powered by anti-parallel connected three-phase bridge rectifiers with separate control. An irreversible rectifier made according to a single-phase bridge circuit is used to power the field winding.

    Terms of use:

  • ambient temperature: from +5 to +45 °С;
  • relative humidity: less than 80% at an ambient temperature of 30 °С;
  • height above sea level: no more than 1000m. (work at high altitudes is allowed only with a significant reduction in power).

    Features of the ТС2000REV electric drive:

  • without transformer connection to 380V network;
  • two-zone speed control;
  • the possibility of double torque overload;
  • the possibility of two-stage torque limitation using an external signal;
  • compact design.

    List of possible versions: 3TC2000REV, 4TC2000REV, 5TC2000REV, 6TC2000REV, 8TC2000REV, 10TC2000REV, 12TC2000REV, 16TC2000REV, 20TC2000REV.