Two-speed asynchronous electric motors - KK, KG

Two-speed electric motors of the KK, KG series are three-phase asynchronous motors. The main scope of which is wire rope hoists, hoists, cranes and other lifting mechanisms.

Three-phase electric motors of the KK, KG series are manufactured with a built-in non-regulated electromagnetic brake, as well as in two main designs: conical and cylindrical.

The list of the main types of two-speed three-phase electric motors of the KK and KG series: KK 1405-12/AH, KK 1407-12/AH, KK 1407-12/6AH, KG 1405-12/4, KG II 1405-12/4, KG I 2009-30/6, KG I 2110-30/6, KG I 2612-30/6, KG II 2714-30/6, KG I 3317-30/6, KG I 2009-30/4, KG I 2110-30/4, KG I 2612-30/4, KG II 2714-30/4, KG I 3317-30/4, KG I 2009-24/6, KG I 2110-24/6, KG II 2110-24/6, KG I 2612-24/6, KG II 2612-24/6, KG II 2714-24/6, KG V 2714-24/6, KG I 3317-24/6, KG 3517-24/6, KG 3518 -24/6, KG I 2009-24/4, KG I 2110-24/4, KG I 2612-24/4, KG II 2714-24/4, KG I 3317-24/4, KG 3517-24/4, KG 3518-24/4, KG II 2012-12/4.