Servomotors - РІ, РС, 3РІ, РІК

Servomotors - РІ, РС, 3РІ, РІК

DC motors of the types PI PC, 3PI, PIK are designed for operation over a wide range of speeds, providing smooth movement, reduced vibration and acoustic noise. The main scope of use is the electric drive feed CNC machine tools, drive industrial robots, manipulators, and other actuators.

The servomotor is controlled by speed, torque and position by means of a frequency converter (inverter). This makes it possible to use the servomotor for the tasks of positioning, adjustment, tracking, contouring, remote automatic control and other precise and fast manipulations.

Servo motors of the series РI, РС, 3РI, PIK have the following typical designations:

  • PI: PI6.02, PI6.04, PI6.06, PI8.03, PI8.06, PI8.09, PI8.13, PI10.03, PI10.04, PI10.04.02, PI10.04.06, PI10.04.13 , PI10.06, PI10.08;
  • PC: PC6.02, PC6.04, PC6.06, PC8.04, PC8.10, PC8.13, PC10.13;
  • 3PI: 3PI12.06, 3PI12.09, 3PI12.12, 3PI12.18, 3PI12.12M;
  • PIK: PIK-6 25/3, PIK-6 35 / 2.5, PIK-8 6 / 2.5, PIK-12 3 / 10-3, PIK-12 3 / 10-1, PIK-17 4.5 / 6, PIVT -6 25/3, PIVT-6 25 / 3A, PIVTM-6 25/2, PIVMTM-11 2.5 / 3.

Key Features:

  • mass;
  • overall dimensions;
  • engine dynamics;
  • uniformity of movement;
  • energy efficiency.

PI, PC, 3PI, PIK series DC motors provide stable and reliable operation under the following conditions:

  • Altitude up to 1000 m;
  • Ambient air temperature - from 5° C to 40° C;
  • Maximum relative humidity - up to 80% at 30° C.
  • Dust content in the working area - up to 1mg / m3.

Servo motors are designed for vertical and horizontal assembly in flange mounting, with the following forms of execution: IM3001, IM3011, IM3031.

Build options:

  • DC servo motor;
  • DC servo motor with T5-10-5V (T5-10-10V) or 4P tacho generator built into the shaft;
  • DC servo motor with shaft encoder (pulse sensor, pulcoder) built into the shaft
  • DC servo motor with integrated brake clutch;
  • DC servo motor with RB-2 revolver built into the shaft;
  • DC servo motor with T5-10 (TG5-10) tachogenerator and RB-2 revolver built into the shaft;


  • Dynamo Plant (also called "Elprom Dynamo Sliven Plant" and "Dynamo Sliven"), Sliven;
  • Gamma Motors (Gamma Motors, Gamma New Motors, Gamma Motors Sliven), Sliven. The main advantage is the production of DC servo motors according to the drawings and specifications of the customer.