Tachogenerator 4P for DC MBH, MBO, MT, MTA, MTB

  • Brand: GAMA MOTORS
  • Product Code: 4Р_МТ
  • Availability: Pre-order 30 calendar days
Main specifications
All specifications
Constant voltage: 20V/1000 min¯¹
Max RPM: 5500

    Tachogenerator 4P for the electric motor МТА, МТ, МТВ, MBH, MBO Bulgaria.

    The 4P tachogenerator consists of three parts:

  •     tachogenerator rotor 4P;
  •     tachogenerator stator 4P;
  •     tachogenerator brush holder 4P.

    The main difference between the 4P tachogenerator for the MTA, MT, MTB, MBH, MBO engine from the 4P tachogenerator for the MP112, MP132, MP160 engine is the stator:

  •     for the 4P tachogenerator, the MTA, MT, MTB, MBH, MBO engine - the stator is made in the form of a circle with holes for mounting.
  •     for the 4P tachogenerator, the engine MP112, MP132, MP160 - the stator is made in the form of a square with holes for mounting.

    Main characteristics:

  •     excitation of the tachogenerator - permanent magnets type alnico;
  •     direction of rotation - reversible;
  •     design - with a hollow shaft;
  •     thermal insulation class - F 155°С;
  •     degree of protection - IP00.

Main characteristics
Constant voltage 20V/1000 min¯¹
Max RPM 5500
Additional characteristics
Overall dimensions of the packing case, mm. 140х140х100
Linearity at maximum speed,% 0.4
Error when reversing, % 0.5
Maximum current, mA 50
Ripples at 1000 rpm, % 1.2
The moment of inertia of the armature, kg.m² 2.6x10̄¯⁴
Degree of protection, ІР 00
Nett weight (G), kg 1.550
Warranty, month 12
Application area 2МТА, 2МТА-С, 2МТА-К, 2МТА-СР, 2МТА-СК, 3МТА, 3МТА-С, 3МТА-К, 3МТА-СР, 3МТА-СК, 4МТА, 4МТА-С, 4МТА-К, 4МТА-СР, 4МТА-СК, 4МТВ, 4МТВ-С, 4МТВ-К, 4МТВ-СР, 4МТВ-СК, 5МТ, 5МТ-С, 5МТ-К, 5МТ-СР, 5МТ-СК
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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