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EVRO-CONTRAKT limited liability company began its activities in 2011.

The functions of the enterprise are concentrated on the branches of industrial automation and attracting advanced technologies in the field of electrical lighting, creating technical and engineering support for partner enterprises. Quality products and services to create long-term relationship with the Ukrainian and foreign companies, which was the key to obtaining an exclusive right of such foreign manufacturers as: «GAMA MOTORS» LTD, «ELPROM EMZ» LTD, «ZTV» AD, «ZGPU» GROUP, Zita Ruse Karbochim Ltd.

The main export-import activities of EVRO-CONTRAKT LTD are aimed at:

  1. Supply of DC motors with a control system of any configuration;
  2. High-quality and reliable electrical harness for high-precision equipment;
  4. AC / DC, AC / AC, DC / DC frequency converters of any complexity and power with frequency, frequency-current, vector control;
  5. Other energy-saving modern technologies aimed at the quality of life of society and the conservation of energy resources.

Today, the company is a representative of a large number of factories / manufacturers from the EU, the vast majority of Bulgarian enterprises are strategic partners of EVRO-CONTRAKT LTD. The coverage of finished products and services of companies includes: machine-tool construction, power networks, lighting networks, automotive industry, other industrial equipment and components.

Continuous work on the implementation of modern communications enables each Intermediary or Partner to create special conditions for cooperation on-line. Thanks to the implemented modern project management system with a large amount of technical information and the proven reliability of working with various clients, our company aims to obtain the status of “Sales Representative” of Bulgaria in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

EVRO-CONTRAKT LTD has highly qualified specialists, extensive experience, scientific support, which guarantees each client an individual approach, and each project has an adequate and high-quality solution. Turning to our company - you will not regret the time that you spent on the future PARTNER.