Electromotors - МР112, МР132, МР160, МР225

Electromotors - МР112, МР132, МР160, МР225

Electric motors of the MP112, MР132, MР160, MР225 type are DC motors used for the main movement of metal-cutting machines and other production mechanisms.

The MР motor (112, 132, 160, 225) consists of an anchor, a stator-charged magnetic conductor, bearing shields, output device, fan assembly, bearings:

  • 6306-2Z, 6309-2Z for MP112;
  • 6308-2Z, 6311-2Z for MP132;
  • 6309-2Z, 6312-2Z for MP160.

All types of MР motors have a built-in tachogenerator (directly on the motor shaft), thermal protection, ventilation unit and output device.

There are two types of tachogenerators in the MР series electric motors: the 4P tachogenerator (20V / 1000min-1) and the T5-10 tachogenerator (10V / 1000min-1) is a four-pole. The stator is housed in an aluminum shield that is centered in the rear engine shield and bolted. Thus the tachogenerators do not have their bearing system and rotate with the rotor of the motor.

The MР motor unit consists of a three-phase asynchronous AT71A2 type motor - 0.370 kW (MР112, MР132 engine), AT80A2 - 0.750 kW (MР160, MР225 engine) and a turbine housing with a filter body.

The thermal protection of the motor is located on the winding of the additional pole and is triggered when it reaches a temperature of 130 ° C.

The thermal protection of the MР motor consists of two parts:

  • mounted part - semiconductor element with positive temperature coefficient - posistor.
  • switching device - a relay type SLM (which must be mounted in the control cabinet and connected to the posistor and the operating network).

The MР series motors have the following standard designations:

  • For the height of the axis "112": MP112S, MP112SM, MP112SL, MP112M, MP112MA, MP112L, MP112LA;
  • For axis height "132": MP132S, MP132SA, MP132M, MP132MA, MP132MDA, MP132MB, MP132MG, MP132MC, MP132L, MP132LA, MP132LCA, MP132LC;
  • For axis height "160": MP160M, MP160MGL, MP160L, MP160LL, MP160LL2, MP160LM, MP160LC, MP160LAT;
  • For axle height "225": MP225M, MP225L.

MР electric motors provide stable and reliable operation under the following conditions:

  • Altitude up to 1000 m;
  • Ambient temperature - from 5 ° C to 40 ° C;
  • Maximum relative humidity - up to 80% at 30 ° C.

The history of the production of DC motors of the MР series began in the 80's of the 20th century.

The following manufacturers were pioneers:

  • Plant "Dynamo" (also called "Elprom Plant Dynamo Sliven" and "Dynamo Sliven"), Sliven: The Dynamo plant was divided into two parts, and two private enterprises, Dynamo Sliven and Gama motors, were formed, which today are manufacturers of DC motors.
  • Plant "Elprom Troyan", Troyan - the production of engines of the MP series was discontinued in the mid-2000s;
  • ZAE Plant, Plovdiv - the production of engines of the MP series was discontinued in the mid-2000s.