Electronic Ballasts

Electronic Ballasts

    Electronic control gears EPRA SHEFT TM are a power source for fluorescent, bactericidal, LED lamps. Electronic ballasts are designed to ignite and ensure stable, reliable operation of lamps for a moving train and vehicles.
The operating temperature range of the electronic ballast control gear ranges from -40 to + 50°C, which ensures stable lighting in the winter in not yet warmed-up carriages or bus cabins.   

    For the most part, in railway wagons, the electronic ballast is used as part of the LVV-02, LVV-03, LVV-06, LVV-07 lamps. But due to its small overall dimensions, the electronic ballast SHEFT TM can be placed in lamps of almost any type, including soffits, which makes them versatile in the repair and assembly of lamps.   

    The control gears produced by SHEFT TM provide protection against:

  •     incorrect power connection, plus and minus are mixed up;
  •     short circuit in the lamp;
  •     deactivated lamp;
  •     no lamp;
  •     lamps with rectifying effect.
  •     high voltage, electronic ballasts with an operating supply voltage of 110 V can withstand voltages up to 200 V, electronic ballasts with an operating supply voltage of 50 V can withstand voltages up to 95 V.   

    Execution options:

  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T08A06-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T13A06-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T20A06-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T40A06-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA2T20A06-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T07A07-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T08A07-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T13A07-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T20A07-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA1T40A07-01;
  •     electronic ballast EPRA2T20A07-01;

    It is possible to manufacture electronic ballasts for an individual customer's task. In the presence of a technical assignment from two to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the apparatus.