Completing to cable Couplings

Completing to cable Couplings

In heat shrink cable sets are used with universal accessories, which can be applied when repairing power cables and wires, and while connecting cable infrastructure to electrical equipment without the use of a full complete set of cable joint or termination.

Mastics sealants provide a tight sealing of cable connections, ease the installation and extend service period.
Mastics by CABELNA ARMATURE LLC have a long shelf period and do not lose their physical and chemical properties due to airtight packaging. They are easily formed at low temperatures, keep elasticity and resistance to weathering for a long time. They are made of high quality raw materials from EU countries.

  •     for sealing cable contact connections, repair of damaged insulation of cable, sheaths of cables and wires;
  •     for equalizing the electric field in the contact connection;
  •     for corrosion protection joining accessories;
  •     for branching cable or repairing cables in conjunction with heat shrink accessories;    
  •     for sealing the connection of transformer substation of overhead power lines;
  •     for sealing cable passages in reinforced concrete structures.
    performance properties of mastics sealants:
  • do not spread combustion;
  • have high adhesion to materials;
  • do not dry out or crack;
  • have high electrical strength;
  • resistant to aggressive environments and chemical reagents;
  • reliable waterproofing, tightness of consolidation;
  • resistant to UV rays and climatic conditions;
  • have no quartz inclusions in the composition.

HEAT SHRINK TUBES up to 1 kV, 10 kV  

    Heat shrink tubes and details provide effective protection of the contact connections of conductive cores of cables, wires, busbars when connected in transformer substations or other devices.

    Heat shrink tubes withstand multiple and prolonged overloads and overheating in the cable network without changing the output electrical performance.

    Heat shrink tubes and details by CABELNA ARMATURE LLC have a high degree of shrinkage. One size provides insulation of the connection with a significant diameter difference. During the installation, glue, applied to the surface of the tubes and parts, fills all the gaps. This property of the glue provides a high degree of tightness. Equipment is made of high quality raw materials from EU countries.

  •     for restoration of all types of cable insulation: polymeric and mass-soaked paper insulation of cable in 1-core or multi-core cables on open or closed electrical installations or in the ground;
  •     for repair and restoration of electrical lines, protection of connection wires from corrosion and mechanical damage;
  •     for isolation of an open site of branched of a cable protection against impact of moisture, an UV rays, chemical reagents;
  •     for electrical substations for protection of cable lines in power distribution units, for electrical insulation and mechanical protection of high-voltage current-carrying aluminum and copper busbars;
  •     for prevention of corrosion, protection against chemical and mechanical damage, prevention of the formation of short circuit and failures of high-voltage equipment, provision of a high degree of insulation of conductors.

Performance properties of heat shrink tubes and accessories:

  •     high degree of shrinkage;
  •     dielectric strength;
  •     ease of installation and ease of use;
  •     ecologically and safety;
  •     resistance to UV rays;
  •     resistance to mechanical damage and abrasive;
  •     resistance to increased heat;
  •     tensile strength;
  •     resistance to chemical and acid influences;
  •     elasticity, easy change of the form;
  •     resistance to aging;    
  •     long term shelf period;
  •     shrinkage temperature 90-150 °С.


    Roll springs are used to connect busbars or earth braid to a metal sheaths,  cables armor and wires by a holding a radial pressure connection. The method of connecting the ground wire without the use of solders is used by such manufacturers: ZKА, Raychem, Radpol, Cellpack, Ensto, Sicame, 3M, IEC, ПЗЭМИ, КВТ, CABELNA ARMATURE LLC.

    The method of mechanically connecting the earth braid wire using a roll spring has the advantage over connecting the same earth braid by soldering.
Performance properties of roll springs by CABELNA ARMATURE LLC:

  •     high corrosion resistance;
  •     lack of magnetic properties;
  •     constant of radial pressure after installation through the service period;
  •     installation without special tools in a short time.


    Compared to compression connectors, which are installed on the appropriate cable section with a special tool, mechanical connectors with shear heads bolts allow quick and easy installation of the cable without the use of complicated devices.     

    Mechanical connectors with shear heads bolts are universals, have high performance properties. One size of connector can be installed on several types of cable cross-section of different designs with cooper or aluminum cores.    

    Construction of mechanical connectors with 4 shear heads bolts and mechanical lugs with 2 shear head bolts are used by manufacturers:  ZКА, Raychem, Radpol, Cellpack, Ensto, Sicame, 3M, IEC, ПЗЭМИ, КВТ, CABELNA ARMATURE LLC.   

    Construction of mechanical lugs with 2 shear head bolts and mechanical connectors with 4 shear heads bolts at contact connection of a cable, provide high mechanical durability due to fastening of each core of a cable by several bolts.   

    The connectors are fixed to the cable cores by screwing shear head bolts, which break when a certain force is reached, which ensures the reliability of the connection. For long-term exploitation, a special conductive oil is applied to the bolts.   

    Threaded knurled units are in the middle of connectors, which are in contact with the cable and destroy the oxide film on the surface of the core of the cable and increase the contact area. This prevents the structure from shifting during installation and operation, and significantly reduces the transient resistance, increases mechanical strength and durability of contact. Construction of the connectors contains an internal locking membrane, which facilitates the placement of the cable cores at a fixed dept. Mechanical connectors have a high degree of corrosion protection. They are made of metal alloys of EU countries.