Electro graphite brushes

Electro graphite brushes

    Electrographite brushes are used in electric motors, starters, generators and other electrical installations, where they perform the functions of a conductive conductor between the moving and stationary parts of the engine.

    Depending on the brand, the electrographite brush has different uses, here are several options:

  • brush EG4 - exciters of turbo-generators with a power of less than 200 mW, electric machines for universal purposes, single-armature converters, asynchronous and synchronous motors with a phase rotor, DC electric machines of low power;
  • brush EG14 - auxiliary and traction electric machines of urban and railway transport, as well as electric machines for general industrial purposes;
  • brush EG14M1 - motors of power tools and household electrical appliances;
  • brush EG8 - electromagnetic amplifiers of the transverse field, universal high-speed electric motors, electric DC machines with difficult switching conditions;
  • brush EG2A - auxiliary and traction electric motors of electric locomotives, diesel locomotives and excavators. Generators and motors with a very pronounced unevenly distributed load, rolling equipment in the metallurgical industry;
  • brush EG13 and brush EG13P - DC generators of automotive electrical equipment;
  • brush EG17 - motors of electric shavers;
  • brush EG141 - electric motors for general industrial purposes, as well as auxiliary and traction electric machines of urban and railway transport;
  • brush EG61A, brush EG61AI, brush EG61AK - traction electric motors with voltage up to 500V for mainline electric locomotives and diesel locomotives;
  • brush EG64K - traction electric motors of a new generation for motor wheels, dump trucks with increased carrying capacity, for electric rolling stock;
  • brush EG71 - electrical machines with difficult switching conditions;
  • brush EG73, brush EG73K - high-power generators with difficult switching conditions;
  • brush EG74 - DC electric machines with difficult switching conditions and pronounced unevenness of the applied loads, as well as powerful traction electric motors of various types of modern locomotives;
  • brush EG74K - powerful closed-type electric motors with organic silicon insulation;
  • brush EG75 - high-voltage traction electric motors, traction electric motors with high heating temperatures or severe switching conditions, auxiliary machines for modern mainline electric locomotives;
  • brush EG841, brush EG84, brush EG841K, brush EG841I, brush EG84M - auxiliary and traction electric motors of city transport: metro, trolley buses, trams. Traction electric motors of powerful dump trucks with an electric drive, for example BELAZ;
  • brush EG85 - electric motors and generators of metallurgical plants;
  • brush VT5 - electric motors and converters for aviation equipment;
  • brush VT10-2 - converters for aviation technology.