Electrographitic brush E43 10x10x28/3x16x23

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Main specifications
All specifications
Material: E43
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: К1-4 / К14-1
Contact wire length by ГОСТ 12232-89, no less, mm.: 45
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: No

    Electrographite brush E43 10x10x28/3x16x23 for MT DC.

    Brush E43 10x10x28/3x16x23 is a consumable for DC electric motors MT, MTA, MB, MBO, MBH, 1MX, 2MX, 3MX, 4MX Bulgaria.

    Brush E43 10x10x28/3x16x23 is used in engines made in Bulgaria Dynamo Sliven, Gama Motors, Gama Novi Motors, Elma Troyan, Elprom Troyan, Dynamo Plant.

    The electric brush 10x10x28/3x16x23 in each separate period of time had its own designation, examples:

  •     Brush E43 10x10x28/3x16x23 or brush E43 3x16x23/10x10x28;
  •     Brush EG2A 10x10x28/3x16x23 or brush EG2A 3x16x23/10x10x28;
  •     Brush RE54 10x10x28/3x16x23 or brush RE54 3x16x23/10x10x28;
  •     Brush D374 10x10x28/3x16x23 or brush D374 3x16x23/10x10x28;
  •     Brush EG74 10x10x28/3x16x23 or brush EG74 3x16x23/10x10x28.

    The list of motors in which the brush 10x10x28/3x16x23 is used: 2MTA, 2MTA-C, 2MTA-P, 2MTA-K, 2MTA-CP, 2MTA-CK, 3MTA, 3MTA-C, 3MTA-P, 3MTA-K, 3MTA-CP, 3MTA-CK, 4MTA, 4MTA-C, 4MTA-P, 4MTA-K, 4MTA-CP, 4MTA-CK, 4MTB, 4MTB-C, 4MTB-P, 4MTB-K, 4MTB-CR, 4MTB-CK, 5MT, 5MT-C, 5MT-P, 5MT-K, 5MT-CP, 5MT-CK, D2MTA, D3MTA, D4MTA, D4MTB, D5MT.

    Depending on the brush holders used, brushes 10x10x28/3x16x23 could also be used in 1MX-4, 2MX-2, 3MX-1, 4MX-2, 13MBH, 13MBO, 23MBH, 23MBO, 47MBH, 47MBO, 70MBH, 70MBO, 100MBO.

    The design of the brush 10x10x28/3x16x23 is double, straight with one spring and a common current-carrying wire 47 mm long. without additional insulation.

Main characteristics
Material E43
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 К1-4 / К14-1
Contact wire length by ГОСТ 12232-89, no less, mm. 45
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 No
Additional characteristics
Rockwell hardness, 10⁷ Nm² 8-30
Specific electric resistance, 10¯⁶ Ωm 20-38
Current density, 10⁴ A/m² 12
Circum velocity, m/s 45
Brush pressure on collector, 10³ N/m² 40
Transitional voltage drop on a pair of brushes, V 1.2-2.4
Max. friction factor, μ 0.25
Application area Електродвигун 2МТА, 3МТА, 4МТА, 4МТВ, 5МТ
Brand ZTV
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
Reviews (2)
Вячеслав Павлов
Вячеслав Павлов
Товар соответствует фото. Цена адекватная.
Брали по комплекту для двигуна 2МТА і 5МТ. Отримали на наступний день після замовлення.