Copper graphite brushes

Copper graphite brushes

Copper Graphite Brushes

    Copper-graphite brushes are made from electric copper powders and graphite using a mixture firing to obtain a high-quality composite material, the product is shaped by pressing.

    Copper-graphite brushes have a low electrical resistance, combined with the ability to work at high current densities. Thus, the brushes ensure the reliability of the chains of traction motors and electric machines, which are units of the rolling stock of railway transport, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, motors of units of the mining and processing and metallurgical industries, lifting mechanisms, urban transport.

    Depending on the brand, the copper-graphite brush has different uses, here are several options:

  • brush MG, brush M50 - asynchronous electric motors with a phase rotor, starters - the voltage of which is not more than 6V, DC electric machines - the voltage of which is not more than 12V, welding generators;
  • brush M1, brush M1A - single-armature converters, synchronous generators, asynchronous electric motors with a phase rotor, charging generators whose voltage is from 20V to 60V, alternators for automotive equipment;
  • brush M6 - generators and motors with low power, the voltage of which reaches 25-30V;
  • brush MG4 - asynchronous electric motors with a phase rotor, DC electric machines with voltage up to 40V and synchronous generators;
  • brush MC1 - starters of tractors and cars;
  • brush MG4S - auto-tractor starters;
  • brush MG24 - electric starters with voltage 24V, 12V;
  • brush MG30 - DC micromotors;
  • brush 611OM - turbine generators, DC electric machines with a voltage of no more than 110V with an easy commutation condition;
  • brush MGI, brush MGI1 - electric motors of actuators for vehicles;
  • brush MGI2 - tachogenerators and low-voltage DC motors;
  • brush MGI3 - low-voltage DC motors;
  • brush MGO;
  • brush MGO2S;
  • brush MGM1 - executive electric motors for space technology;
  • brush MGM2 - DC micromachines;
  • brush MGT2 - miniature low-voltage DC motors;
  • brush MGS20 - starters of motor and tractor transport, VAZ cars, the voltage of which is not more than 24V;
  • brush MGS21N - collector grounding devices of traction motors of rolling stock;
  • brush MGS23 - automotive electric starters, the voltage of which is not more than 12V;
  • brush MGS5 - generators, current collectors, converters, starters and electric motors of aviation equipment, starters of tractors and cars with a voltage not exceeding 24V;
  • brush MGS51 - starters for motor and tractor vehicles with voltage no more than 24V;
  • brush MGSO - DC electric machines, the voltage of which is not more than 12V, starters for tractors and cars with a voltage of not more than 12V;
  • brush MGSO1, brush MGSO1M - automotive starters with end collectors;
  • brush MGSOA - electric starters for trucks and cars;
  • brush MGS7, brush MGS7N - generators, electric motors, current collectors and converters of aviation equipment;
  • brush MGS7I - converters and generators operating at an altitude of 20 km;
  • brush MGS8 - converters and electric motors for aviation equipment;
  • brush MGS9A - electric motors of heaters fans for trucks;
  • brush VT1, brush VT3 - electrical machines of rocket and space technology and onboard electrical equipment of aviation technology;
  • brush 961, brush 961M, brush PU - electric motors of auxiliary mechanisms of tractors and cars, combines, heater fans, headlamp cleaners, windshield wipers, washers of all models of trucks and cars.