Copper graphite brush М50 5х10х16 К4-2

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Main specifications
All specifications
Material: М50
Analog material: AB-1, LE-34, М1, MGC7, 611OM, RC51A, MGC5
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: К4-2
Сonstruction by IEC 60276: CL06A
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: No

    Copper-graphite brush M50 8x12,5x32 for crane engine.

    Crane electric brushes mtn, mtf М50 8х12.5х32 are used in MT 8х12.5 brush holders on MT engines from zero to second dimension. Namely: MTKN 011-6, MTKN 012-6, MTKN 111-6, MTKN 112-6, MTN 211, MTH 011-6, MTH 012-6, MTH 111-6, MTH 112-6, MTN 211-6 and other modifications.

    The list of series of motors in which the brush M50 8x12.5x32 can be used: electric motors MTKF, DMT, MTN, MTF, MTKN, AMT, 4MTM, MTH, MTKH, 4MTM.

    Possible display options in technical documentation: M50 8x12.5x32; M50 8*12.5*32; M50 8x12.5x32; M50 8*12.5*32.

Main characteristics
Material М50
Analog material AB-1, LE-34, М1, MGC7, 611OM, RC51A, MGC5
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 К4-2
Сonstruction by IEC 60276 CL06A
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 No
Additional characteristics
Rockwell hardness, 10⁷ Nm² 9-25
Specific electric resistance, 10¯⁶ Ωm 4-15
Current density, 10⁴ A/m² 12
Circum velocity, m/s 25
Brush pressure on collector, 10³ N/m² 200
Transitional voltage drop on a pair of brushes, V 1-2
Max. friction factor, μ 0.20
Application area DC motor MTF
Brand ZTV
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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