High-moment electric motors – МТ, МТА, MTB

High-moment electric motors – МТ, МТА, MTB

High-torque electric motors of types 2MTA, 3MTA, 4MTA, 4MTB, 5MT are designed for feeding mechanisms of CNC machine tools, robots, trans-manipulators and other mechanisms.

Electric motors of the MT series have the following typical designations:

  • 2MTA: 2MTA-C, 2MTA-P, 2MTA-K, 2MTA-CP, 2MTA-CK;
  • 3MTA: 3MTA-C, 3MTA-P, 3MTA-K, 3MTA-CP, 3MTA-CK;
  • 4MTA: 4MTA-C, 4MTA-P, 4MTA-K, 4MTA-CP, 4MTA-CK;
  • 4MTB: 4MTB-C, 4MTB-P, 4MTB-K, 4MTB-CP, 4MTB-CK;
  • 5MT: 5MT-C, 5MT-P, 5MT-K, 5MT-CP, 5MT-CK.

Some factories, namely Dynamo Sliven, make an “D” in front of the names of engines. For example: D2MTA, D3MTA, D4MTA, D4MTB, D5MT.

Decoding of type designations on the example of “4MTA-CPK” where:

  • “4” - symbol of the moment;
  • "M" is the engine;
  • "T" - a series;
  • “A” - modification by moment;
  • "C" - electromagnetic brake;
  • "P" - resolver with multiplier;
  • "K" - photoelectric raster converter (pulse encoder, encoder).

All electric motors of types 2MTA, 3MTA, 4MTA, 4MTB, 5MT have a degree of protection IP-44 and are equipped with a four-pole tachogenerator of direct current 4P (20V / 1000min-1). Exceptional is the 5MT motor, which additionally has a cooling system in the form of a fan unit (consists of two single-phase asynchronous motors and fans).

An electromagnetic brake is mounted in the front shield of the engine and is a disk with permanent magnets. The device is designed to hold the rotor of the electric motor in a stationary state (after stopping). For 2MTA, 3MTA, 4MTA engines, an electromagnetic brake of the 13CBEO type is used, and for 4MTB and 5MT engines – 23СВП-3.

The shaft angle encoder is mounted in the rear shield of the engine and provides for the installation of two types of sensors: resolver (РБ-2) or pulse encoder (ФРП-7LA55-2500-ДСХ, ФРП-7L-A55-2000-ДСХ).

MT high-torque DC motors provide stable and reliable operation under the following conditions:

  • Height above sea level up to 1000 m .;
  • Ambient temperature - from 5 ° С to 40 ° С;
  • Maximum relative humidity - up to 80% at a temperature of 30 ° C.

The history of the production of Bulgarian high-torque DC motors began in the 80s of the twentieth century. The main types of high-torque engines of those years were: 13МВН, 13MВО, 21MВН, 21MВО, 23MВН, 23MВО, 47MВН, 47MВО (which were discontinued in the late 90s). At the end of the 80s. In the early 90's. manufacturers began to develop, and then produce new types of high-torque engines, namely: 2MTA, 3MTA, 4MTA, 4MTB, 5MT (which later replaced 13MВН, 13MВО, 21MВН, 21MВО, 23MВН, 23MВО, 47MВН, 47MВО).

The list of interchangeability of discontinued engines of the MВН (MВO) type at MTA, MTВ, MT:

  • 13MВН (13MВO) - 2MTA;
  • 21MВН (21MВO) - 3MTA;
  • 23MВН (21MВO) - 4MTA;
  • 47MВН (47MВO) - 5MT.

Manufacturers of different times:

  • Plant Dynamo (also called Elprom Plant Dynamo Sliven, Dynamo Sliven), Sliven - is still being produced;
  • Elprom Troyan Plant (ELMA-Troyan, ELPROM TROYAN 2016 - INDUSTRY 4.0, ELECTROMOTOR PLANT ELPROM TROYAN., Troyan city) - the production of DC motors was stopped in the middle of 2000.;
  • “Gama motors” (Gama motors, Gama novi motors, Gama motors Sliven), Sliven - still produced.