High-torque DC motor 3MTA

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Main specifications
All specifications
Rated power, кW: 3.29
Rated torque, Nm: 21
Max. torque, Nm: 110
Rated current, А: 30
Max. speed, rpm: 1500

The high-torque 3MTA DC motor with a power of 3.29 kW (21Nm) is designed for feed drive mechanisms in metal-cutting machines and other actuating elements in modern automation systems, telemechanics, and measuring equipment.

Scopes of engines 3MTA:

  1. Thyristor, transistor electric drives and feed drives of metal cutting machines;
  2. Correction devices of hydraulic systems (to compensate for disturbing moments that cause precession of the gyroscope axis);
  3. Stabilizing devices (position control system of various larger objects: antenna, sight, and others);
  4. As tensioning devices to regulate or maintain unchanged the tension force of a wire, tape, chain);
  5. As rotary electromagnets controlling dampers, valves, braking devices and so on.

The engine is designed in accordance with current standards and complies with the requirements and standards of IEC 72-1, IEC 34-1, IEC38, ISO2373.

The 3MTA DC motor is built with a built-in 4P tachogenerator (20V / 1000 min-1) and thermal protection. Thermal protection is implemented with the help of a posistor (temperature sensor) type RTT-250-120, which is installed in the engine.

In high-torque electric motors of type 3MTA of serial production, electrographic brushes of the EG2А grade 10x10x10/3x16x23 mm are used. (8 pcs.).

Characteristic features of the 3MTA engine:

  • charged magnetic core;
  • built-in thermal protection sensor;
  • degree of protection IP-44;
  • built-in tachogenerator of direct current 4P (brush brand E43 4x5x10 mm. (4pcs.));
  • high reliability and durability.
Main characteristics
Rated power, кW 3.29
Rated torque, Nm 21
Max. torque, Nm 110
Rated current, А 30
Max. speed, rpm 1500
Additional characteristics
Constant voltage, V/1000min¯¹ 0.094
Electromagnetic time constant, s 0.003
Electromechanical time constant, s 0.026
Max. voltage, V 140
Steepness of tachogenerator characteristics, V/min¯¹ ≥0.02
Thermal time constant, min 50
Torque constant, Nm/A 0.700
Weight (G), kg 33.0
Degree of protection, ІР 44
Class thermal insulation F
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
Warranty, month 12

21МВН, 21МВО, 3МХ-1

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