DC motor MP112MA

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Main specifications
All specifications
Field current (If), А: 2.5
Rated power, кW: 13
Rated torque (M), Nm: 54.5
Rated speed (Nnom), rpm: 2280
Max. speed (Nmax), rpm: 6000
Armature voltage (Ua), V: 400
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DC motor MP112MA power of 13 kW for the drive of the main movements in machine tools and other industrial machinery.

The engine is designed in accordance with current standards and complies with the requirements and standards of IEC 72-1, IEC 34-1, IEC38, ISO2373.

The electric motor of the main movement MP112MA 13 kW is made with an integrated tachogenerator MT-6 4V/1000 min-1 and a forced cooling fan unit. Thermal protection is implemented using a posistor type B59155M130A70 manufactured by "SIEMENS", which is triggered when a temperature of 130°C is reached.

In the serial production MP112MA electric motor, electrographic brushes of the ЕG74 grade 8x16x32 mm are used. (8 pcs.).

On request, the MP112MA electric motor can be made with another brush mechanism, brush size 8x20x32 mm (4 pcs.).

Characteristic features MP112MA:

  • magnetic laminations;
  • forced cooling using a fan, when the degree of protection IP23;
  • built-in thermal protection sensor;
  • built-in tachogenerator MT-6 (brush brand Е43 3.2х3.2х10 mm. (4 pcs.))
  • rated power up to maximum speed;
  • high reliability and durability.
Main characteristics
Field current (If), А 2.5
Rated power, кW 13
Rated torque (M), Nm 54.5
Rated speed (Nnom), rpm 2280
Max. speed (Nmax), rpm 6000
Armature voltage (Ua), V 400
Additional characteristics
Field current (Ia), А 2.5
Field voltage (Uf), V 180
Rotor intertia (J), kgm0 0.066
Armature current (Ia), А 38
Degree of protection, ІР 23
Nett weight (G), kg 98
Warranty, month 12
Class thermal insulation F
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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