Electrographitic brush EG74 8x20x32

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Main specifications
All specifications
Material: EG74
Rockwell hardness, 10⁷ Nm²: 15-55
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: К1-3
Specific electric resistance, 10¯⁶ Ωm: 35-75
Current load, 10⁴ A/m²: 15
IEC 60276 tip shape: W
Circum velocity, m/s: 50
Brush pressure on collector, 10³ N/m²: 40

Electrographite brush EG74 8x20x32 for MP132M.

Brush EG74 8x20x32 for the MP132M 11kW engine made in Bulgaria Gama Motors, Dynamo Sliven, Elprom Troyan, ZAE.

Each MP132M electric motor is equipped with 4 brushes 8x20x32.

Brush 8x20x32 for the MP132M engine can be called: brush EG74 8x20x32 brush RE59 8x20x32.

The electric brush 8x20x32 has two conductive leashes, 57 mm long, covered with insulation on top.

Brush EG74 8x20x32 or RE59 8x20x32 for the engine MP112, MP132, MP160, MP225.

Main characteristics
Material EG74
Rockwell hardness, 10⁷ Nm² 15-55
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 К1-3
Specific electric resistance, 10¯⁶ Ωm 35-75
Current load, 10⁴ A/m² 15
IEC 60276 tip shape W
Circum velocity, m/s 50
Brush pressure on collector, 10³ N/m² 40
Additional characteristics
Application area DC МР112, МР132, МР160, МР225
Contact wire length, no less, mm. 57
Max. friction factor, μ 0.22
Transitional voltage drop on a pair of brushes, V 1.2-2.4
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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