Choke PK 02510

  • Brand: ELPROM EMZ
  • Product Code: РК_02510
  • Availability: Pre-order 30 calendar days
Main specifications
All specifications
Inductance, mH: 0.2
Maximum current, А: 100
Rated current, А: 50
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    Choke PK 02510 for DC drive.   

    The choke PK-02510 is a complete product for an electric drive with a DC motor.   

    The pk02510 choke is designed for installation in a metal control cabinet of metal-cutting machines, processing machines, trans manipulators.   

    Choke PK 02510 can be used to complete the following drives:

  • converter 5ТС2000REV;
  • converter MDC2-15;
  • converter ELL 4005-XXX-XX;
  • converter KEMTOP 5EO3, 5EO3M, 5EO3-OC;
  • converter KEMPOC 5EPO3-OC, 5EOA3, 5EOA3-OC, 5EOA3-O, 5EOA3-C, 5EOA3M1, 5EOA3B1, 5EOA3M, 5EOA3M-OC, 5EOA3M-O, 5EOA3M-C,5EOA3B.

Main characteristics
Inductance, mH 0.2
Maximum current, А 100
Rated current, А 50
Additional characteristics
Mode of operation S1
Weight (G), kg 8.2
Degree of protection, ІР 00
Warranty, month 12
Class thermal insulation F
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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