DC servomotor PI8.13

Main specifications
All specifications
Power, W: 300
Max. voltage, V: 48
Continuous torque (S1), Nm: 1.10
Maximum speed(n max), rpm: 4000
Allowable maximum current, А: 56.0
Main characteristics
Power, W 300
Max. voltage, V 48
Continuous torque (S1), Nm 1.10
Maximum speed(n max), rpm 4000
Additional characteristics
Allowable maximum current, А 56.0
Overall dimensions of the packing case, mm.
Current at maximum torque, A 11.2
Torque constant, Nm/A 0.105
Constant voltage, V/1000min¯¹ 11.0
Electromechanical time constant, ms 15.0
Weight (G), kg 4.80
Degree of protection, ІР 44
Class thermal insulation F
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
Warranty, month 12
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