DC servomotor PIVTM-6 25/2

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Main specifications
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Continuous torque (S1), Nm: 0.11
Maximum speed(n max), rpm: 2400
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Servo-motor of direct current PIVTM-6 25/2 is intended for mechanisms of drives of giving of metal-cutting machines, industrial robots (manipulators) and other executive bodies in modern systems of automatics, telemechanics, measuring equipment.

The motor is designed in accordance with current standards and meets the requirements and standards of IEC 72-1, IEC 34-1, IEC38, ISO2373.

Servomotor PIVTM-6 25/2 is a DC servo motor with excitation from permanent magnets, which provides high current overload and torque. The shaft of the PIVTM-6 25/2 servomotor is made of stainless steel and fixed in precision ball bearings. Thermal insulation class F, operating mode S1.

The modern design of engine components ensure high dynamic qualities - short acceleration and deceleration time, low vibration and noise, long service life and high reliability.

In the servo motor PIVTM-6 25/2 of mass production the electrographic brushes of the EG-74 brand 5х8х13,5 mm are used. It is allowed to replace the brushes of the motor only the same size and brand that is specified by the manufacturer. It is forbidden to replace and adjust the brushes during engine rotation.

The main design elements of the PIVTM-6 25/2 servomotor are: permanent magnet rotor, stator with appropriate winding, electrographic brushes, tachogenerator, power supply elements.

During operation, servomotor PIVTM-6 25/2 does not require the constant presence of service personnel. It allows continuous operation for 2500 hours without maintenance, subject to operating conditions. The brushes and brush mechanism must be inspected and inspected in the intervals between these periods. When inspecting the servomotor PIVTM-6 25/2, disconnect it from the power supply.

Operating conditions of the PIVTM-6 25/2 engine:

  • Ambient temperature + 5°C to + 40°C;
  • Altitude - up to 1000 m;
  • Relative humidity - up to 80% at 30°C;
  • Dust content in the workplace - up to 1 mg / m3.

At the request of the client, the motor can be made with two working ends of the shaft, their sizes may differ from the standard version.

Main characteristics
Continuous torque (S1), Nm 0.11
Maximum speed(n max), rpm 2400
Additional characteristics
Allowable maximum current, А 20
Overall dimensions of the packing case, mm.
Current at maximum torque, A 5.0
Torque constant, Nm/A 0.052
Constant voltage, V/1000min¯¹ 5.2
Degree of protection, ІР 44
Electromechanical time constant, ms 20.00
Warranty, month 12
Weight (G), kg 1.50
Class thermal insulation F
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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