Electrographitic brush Е43 6.6х10х20 К1

  • Brand: ZTV
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Main specifications
All specifications
Material: E43
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: К1
Сonstruction by IEC 60276: CL01A
Contact wire length by ГОСТ 12232-89, no less, mm.: No
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009: No

    Electrographitic brush E43 10x6.6x20 CL01A for Steel Polar 76 EM hydraulic cutter.

    Brush 10x6.6x20 version CL01A is used in electric motors of various equipment.

    The scope of application of the graphite brush 10x6.6x20 - printing equipment, cutters, dental equipment, etc.

    Brush 10x6.6x20 is made from E43 material - electrographite.

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Main characteristics
Material E43
Сonstruction by ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 К1
Сonstruction by IEC 60276 CL01A
Contact wire length by ГОСТ 12232-89, no less, mm. No
Cover type according to ГОСТ Р 53617-2009 No
Additional characteristics
Rockwell hardness, 10⁷ Nm² 8-30
Specific electric resistance, 10¯⁶ Ωm 20-38
Current density, 10⁴ A/m² 12
Circum velocity, m/s 45
Brush pressure on collector, 10³ N/m² 40
Transitional voltage drop on a pair of brushes, V 1.2-2.4
Max. friction factor, μ 0.25
Application area Polar 76
Brand ZTV
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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