Thyristor converter 5TC2000REV

  • Brand: GAMA MOTORS
  • Product Code: 5TC2000REV
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Main specifications
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Rated excitation current, ІВН, А: 6
Rated armature voltage, UΗ, V: 400
Rated excitation voltage, UBH, V: 180
Thyristor converter 5TC2000REV
Main characteristics
Rated excitation current, ІВН, А 6
Rated armature voltage, UΗ, V 400
Rated excitation voltage, UBH, V 180
Additional characteristics
Control signal аналоговий від 0 ÷ ±10V
Maximum speed, rpm 5500
Rated speed, rpm 600
Supply voltage, V 3х380
Type of engine MP132LA
Power supply frequency, Hz 50
Regulation range 1:1000
Max armature current, A 100
Degree of protection, ІР 00
Nett weight (G), kg 19
Warranty, month 12
Type of throttle РК-02510
Overall dimensions, mm 500х380х280
Manufacturer country Bulgaria
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